Monday, February 21, 2011

Shabby Chic' ing (or what I found at GW)

Oh my goodness!  Today was an uber (I know I said uber) fabulous day at GW, 50% off Sale!!  Of course the place was jammed to the rafters with shoppers looking for good deals -- just like me!  I still managed to score some fabulous finds.  While dodging shopping carts I saw 2 adorable wooden trays, for $1.99 each with 50% off; I grabbed them.  When I got home, inspiration struck -- I jumped over to the Graphics Fairy, (love that blog) and printed off the "Hare" that was right on the front page, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE rabbits.  Then my daughter and I talked about Frenchy words for the slightly larger tray.  We found one we liked -- but the creative process took over!  We changed our minds and found a really pretty Hydrangea we liked better.  2 prints of the Hydrangea later we were so carried away being "creative" we did not take before pictures -- but you are all so crafty (the good kind of crafty) you know what I did.  Spray painted one tray "Oregano" and used a Cream Craft Paint on the other.  Then my new BFF Modge Podge my daughter and I got to work sticking down the images.  I think I still may antique them, and I'm considered adding a touch of glitter to the Hydrangea but I'm not sure -- I want to be able to use the trays too, what do you think?

Anyway, without further ado . . . here they are!!

the rabbit one

the Hydrangea one (sorry about the flash glare)

both together
(didn't my daughter do a good staging and photo job?)

So much fun for a President's Day Monday!  A little creative outlet, some together time with my youngest and 2 adorable additions to my home!

Thanks for stopping by, as always; I love the company : )


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