Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My YUMMY New Find!

Cruising around Craigslist Thursday I found a tiny little ad for a "Antique Desk - $20"

W H A T????? I've been looking for something "special" just for me, a place to make my own. 

So I clicked on the ad to and saw this . . .
(ignore the missing baseboards, I took them off to make BIGGER ones and haven't gotten back to it - the never ending list of "to do's)

The ad said to call or text for more information.  I did BOTH then held my breath, crossed my fingers and waited and waited and waited . . . (all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday, by now I had almost given up hope).

Finally, Sunday morning I got a text that said "my mom asked me to post the ad for the desk, but now she wants $40. Do you still want it?" I admit I became a little sarcastic, "oh yeah she got tons of responses and now has decided to up the price". Followed by a few moments of "how rude!" and "WTH???" Then and I admit (sheepishly) I kinda played a word with my texting friend.

"Had many replies? "
"Anyone coming to get it?"
"No, not yet"

After about 30 minutes of the back and forth, I get a text that said

"since I listed it for $20, you can have it for that if you come get today". 


Called my son and asked if he would take the truck and go get it.  You will????  You are AWESOME son, thank you!!

Here she sits . . .battered and dingy; but look at her legs, so curvy and her precious little feet.  Even better the drawer, already has dividers built in!

So awesome (I am using that word alot today).
I even love the little brass drawer pulls so lovely.  My poor DH just shook his head.  Now what to do to make this little lady shine? 

Stain the top dark and paint the apron and legs?
Paint the whole desk, wax and distress?
Strip and see what's underneath?

What would you do with this amazing little gem?  I have so many ideas swirling around in my head (and heart) I can't decide. Help me lovely lady bloggers, tell me how you would refinish this piece?

Thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of the Blogsphere, I enjoy each visit and read every comment!

Have a Happy and Beautiful Tuesday