Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Have A Secret . . .I'll Share!

Okay it's a secret to ya'll, not to my beloved Family!

I do NOT like (dare I say loathe?) mis matched mugs!
Makes me itchy just to think about it. 

Pretty sure it's the same OCD thing that makes me "know" the exact spot the mat should be in front of the stove, even tho' everyone else can't understand -- 6 tiles from the left of the stove and 6 tiles from the right puts the mat DIRECTLY centered on the stove! 
How hard is that??

Make me sigh with contentment
(ignore the ugly cabinet - I can't decide what to do about them)

Makes me itchy and cranky.
But, there are good reasons why they exsist in my cupboard.

This one was a Birthday gift to me from my Son
I LOVE Hot Tea! 
Drink it every night. 
I appreciate the love and thought so the mug has stayed.

This one my Husband received when he purchased his newest "toy".
It used to reside at on his desk at work. 
Now he works in outside sales, he needs a travel mug.
So, home this one came!

This one was given to my youngest Daughter
The back says . . .
"I thought I'd won the Beauty Pagent
...but I was crowned Drama Queen instead!"
It stays because, well . . . ummm it's true!
Sometimes it's so hard to be 13.

My Son has no idea who the "Stones" are
He bought this one for the "tongue"
He watches "Gene Simmons Family Jewels"
I think he thought this was for him (snicker)
So, they have all stayed . . .I've tried hiding them so I don't have to look at them every time I open the cabinet, as soon as I do someone goes looking for "their" mug. 
There are two more I didn't include, one my daughter won in a raffle -- it's from Starbuck and another clear one with a creepy skull and crown, my son purchsed
Sigh . . .so we have an uneasy truce.
They stay because they mean something to some who is very important to me!
(and there are 6 of them so at least it even!)

Interesting how marriage and family force us outside of our comfort zone? I tend toward being very schedule driven, my family are all "go with the flow" people.
By the way, I took the mat out of the kitchen -- to much stress!! 
Besides it hard to cook with four cats sleeping on it : )

Thanks for stopping by, I love the company!

Happy Wednesday ~ Everyone!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Where Should I Put These?

My Son went snow camping last weekend at Lochleven Lake in the Sierra's (Northern California). He sent pictures from his phone but they wouldn't transfer to my computer (sniff, sniff)


Hiking on one of the days they came across a pile of these, pulled from downed poles due to the heavy snow.

The colors are amazing, one is wonderful turquoise green, the other is clear.  My Son's buddy got a beautiful deep garnet red one (sniff, sniff). 

The poles have a wonderful rusted patina with the added bonus of being threaded.  I've toyed with the idea of having my son make me two more of his amazing light poles so I could put them in the yard.

Maybe on either side of the fountain?

So many possibilities, I've never been so excited and so stumped at the same time.  They are so cool, I want to display them in a way to do justice to their beauty and I suck at tablescaping! I'll shut up now and show you the other pic's I took.  But . . . . I would LOVE input on how you would display them.  I drool over all the amazing tablescapes in Blogland but mine NEVER seem to look as good, at least to me!

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Path Lights ~ He Fixed Them!

Two years ago when I removed the front lawn in favor of a front yard garden, I installed low voltage path lights.  They are wonderful, they add just the right amount of light to the slate path and are great ambiance at night.  Problem is, after two years of heat and cold the plastic pieces that screw onto the bottom of the lights so they can be stuck into the ground were snapping off. I was very frustrated!  I tried several "fixes" (see the little piece of rebar in the bottom right of the picture?) but nothing allowed the electrical cord to come out of the fixture.  I was venting my frustration to my son, he asked if he could take a look at them.  I said "sure", which really meant "your going to fix them??"
Plastic piece that goes into the ground
and (used to) screw onto the bottom
of the light so it would stand upright
in the ground.

End of plastic piece that used to screw
to the light.  The "screw" part
snapped off.

Two days later he came to me with these.  A short piece of galvanized pipe with a hole drilled in the end of the power cord, and short bolt on adapter that will screw to the bottom of the light and then with the little screw attach to the galvanized pipe that will then be pounded into the ground.  I was amazed!  They work great!  The light stay upright, now matter how many times the dogs or grand babies bump into them.  They won't snap off due to heat or cold.  I was so happy I think I did a dance and then hugged him really hard!  I am so proud of him.  He fixed my path lights ~ one small thing that makes me very happy.

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