Thursday, January 7, 2016

I'm Back!! Ready to FOCUS on 2016

Hello! I hope you are still out there . . .

That was a looooong break - umm like 4 years!! Unintentional for the most part . . .

I think blog fever set in or should I say comparison??  I began to question why I blog at all. 

I don't have fancy pictures, 20,000 followers or companies sponsoring me. Add to that, EVERY other person you meet is a blogger and may I say competition is alive; and I for one am not competitive in that way. 

I love the Lord and seek to follow Him in all I do. 

I love my home and want to create a "welcome home" for my friends and family; that was the basis of starting my blog. 

As I began to contemplate (spurred on by my daughter) returning to blogging I knew I needed to focus. I had so many thoughts running through my head, I would start one only to delete it and start another. The more I thought about that the more I realized I need to focus in so many areas of my life. I'm sure you can relate . . . standing at the kitchen sink, the buzzer for the dryer goes off. You head toward the dryer but see your husband's shoes so you pick them up and take them to the bedroom. In the bedroom the bed needs to be made so you do that and by the end of the day you are exhausted and not really sure why. 

Several years ago I gave up making "resolutions" and instead chose a guiding word for the coming year. I've had several; Simplicity, Intentional and this  year I decided to be the year of 


I need to focus on growing my relationship with my Lord with daily quiet time.

I need to focus on growing my relationship with my husband by being attentive to him and listening when he speaks; not checking Facebook, Pinterest, bHome and Instagram on my phone while he rattles on in the background.

I need to focus on my (remaining at home) daughter. She turns 18 in February; time with her at home is quickly running out. 

I need to focus on creating a "welcome home" by setting aside time each day to complete home caring tasks so my home is ready at the knock on the door to welcome any and all inside.

I need to focus on what's for dinner ~ earlier than 4:30 in the afternoon; because hungry people will be coming through the front door and it's my responsibility to feed them. 

I need to focus on growing my blog, for me and because I do have something to share. 

No more spinning in circles every day then wondering "what did I do today and why am I so tired?"

What about you? What is your guiding word for 2016?

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate each and every one of you!