Thursday, January 7, 2016

I'm Back!! Ready to FOCUS on 2016

Hello! I hope you are still out there . . .

That was a looooong break - umm like 4 years!! Unintentional for the most part . . .

I think blog fever set in or should I say comparison??  I began to question why I blog at all. 

I don't have fancy pictures, 20,000 followers or companies sponsoring me. Add to that, EVERY other person you meet is a blogger and may I say competition is alive; and I for one am not competitive in that way. 

I love the Lord and seek to follow Him in all I do. 

I love my home and want to create a "welcome home" for my friends and family; that was the basis of starting my blog. 

As I began to contemplate (spurred on by my daughter) returning to blogging I knew I needed to focus. I had so many thoughts running through my head, I would start one only to delete it and start another. The more I thought about that the more I realized I need to focus in so many areas of my life. I'm sure you can relate . . . standing at the kitchen sink, the buzzer for the dryer goes off. You head toward the dryer but see your husband's shoes so you pick them up and take them to the bedroom. In the bedroom the bed needs to be made so you do that and by the end of the day you are exhausted and not really sure why. 

Several years ago I gave up making "resolutions" and instead chose a guiding word for the coming year. I've had several; Simplicity, Intentional and this  year I decided to be the year of 


I need to focus on growing my relationship with my Lord with daily quiet time.

I need to focus on growing my relationship with my husband by being attentive to him and listening when he speaks; not checking Facebook, Pinterest, bHome and Instagram on my phone while he rattles on in the background.

I need to focus on my (remaining at home) daughter. She turns 18 in February; time with her at home is quickly running out. 

I need to focus on creating a "welcome home" by setting aside time each day to complete home caring tasks so my home is ready at the knock on the door to welcome any and all inside.

I need to focus on what's for dinner ~ earlier than 4:30 in the afternoon; because hungry people will be coming through the front door and it's my responsibility to feed them. 

I need to focus on growing my blog, for me and because I do have something to share. 

No more spinning in circles every day then wondering "what did I do today and why am I so tired?"

What about you? What is your guiding word for 2016?

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate each and every one of you!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Il mio Caffè del mattino spot or My Morning Coffee Spot

I am in love, and truth been told I have been for several years . . . with my automatic coffee maker.  It's Cuisinart and very popular!  I've noticed that most of the TV shows I watch have the EXACT same coffee maker ~ wow (yeah I really watch TV for the room decor).  He is always ready when I am. That is, when I remember to turn him to "auto" the night before.

I keep filters, Sugar, Turbinado and a Spoon Rest nestled together on an old hotel silver tray.  

For a couple years I had cardboard hang tags with a "T" and "S"; sadly they met their demise quickly.  Daily handling, cardboard and water . . . not a good match.  My family's confusion over which canister held what put me on the hunt for replacements.  I wanted brushed silver to go with the coffee maker, small enough to stay on the top of the canister lid for ease of identification . . . but what?? Hmmmmmmm . . . . . . .  

I got it ~ Dog Tags! (go military brat!!)

They are exactly what I wanted brushed silver and small.  I looked everywhere for dog tag blanks, Michaels, JoAnn's, independent craft stores in the Sacramento area.  I did find them on the internet but I didn't need 300 ~ just 2.  Then, shopping for dog food I saw the personalized dog tag (for your pet) making machine in the store!  I was so excited I may or may not have done a happy dance (which btw caused my daughter to go hide).  I scurried over to the machine only to become quickly disappointed ~ I wanted the traditional dog tag shape, not a pink dog biscuit or a red heart {sigh} back to square 1 ~ or the internet.  

Finally!!  I found a company that makes Pet ID tags (there are 1000's but I wanted something specific or as my DH says ~ I am picky ) they had the exact shape, size and color I wanted.  The machine in the store wanted $10 each, online $3 with free shipping.  I quickly ordered 2 tiny brushed silver dog tags; one Sugar, the other Turbinado.

The day they arrived I couldn't wait to get them on the canisters (so no picture of the icky cardboard tags).  A little twine and we are set!  I found a lonely soup spoon at GW for .99 (silver plate, made in Italy) I use it for scooping the preferred sweetener into the warm yummy pumpkin spice coffee I make found to go with the Thanksgiving season.

The one thing I can't figure out is how to darken the letters to make them stand out more.  I've tried Sharpie, shoe polish, craft paint . . .nothing stays in the letters ~ maybe they aren't deep enough; I don't know.  I'll keep thinking about it but for now, they make me happy!

A tiny spot of joy in my day! Thanks for dropping by for a visit, I truly appreciate it : )


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My YUMMY New Find!

Cruising around Craigslist Thursday I found a tiny little ad for a "Antique Desk - $20"

W H A T????? I've been looking for something "special" just for me, a place to make my own. 

So I clicked on the ad to and saw this . . .
(ignore the missing baseboards, I took them off to make BIGGER ones and haven't gotten back to it - the never ending list of "to do's)

The ad said to call or text for more information.  I did BOTH then held my breath, crossed my fingers and waited and waited and waited . . . (all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday, by now I had almost given up hope).

Finally, Sunday morning I got a text that said "my mom asked me to post the ad for the desk, but now she wants $40. Do you still want it?" I admit I became a little sarcastic, "oh yeah she got tons of responses and now has decided to up the price". Followed by a few moments of "how rude!" and "WTH???" Then and I admit (sheepishly) I kinda played a word with my texting friend.

"Had many replies? "
"Anyone coming to get it?"
"No, not yet"

After about 30 minutes of the back and forth, I get a text that said

"since I listed it for $20, you can have it for that if you come get today". 


Called my son and asked if he would take the truck and go get it.  You will????  You are AWESOME son, thank you!!

Here she sits . . .battered and dingy; but look at her legs, so curvy and her precious little feet.  Even better the drawer, already has dividers built in!

So awesome (I am using that word alot today).
I even love the little brass drawer pulls so lovely.  My poor DH just shook his head.  Now what to do to make this little lady shine? 

Stain the top dark and paint the apron and legs?
Paint the whole desk, wax and distress?
Strip and see what's underneath?

What would you do with this amazing little gem?  I have so many ideas swirling around in my head (and heart) I can't decide. Help me lovely lady bloggers, tell me how you would refinish this piece?

Thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of the Blogsphere, I enjoy each visit and read every comment!

Have a Happy and Beautiful Tuesday


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Easy Homemade Butter ~ From Williams Sonoma

Buzzing around on Pinterest today I came across a pin for homemade butter from the William Sonoma Blog  "The Blender".  I do not care for Margarine and real Butter is becoming more and more expensive ~ so I figured I'd give it a try!  The recipe uses one ingredient ~ heavy cream, which is still reasonably priced. Most of the work is done for you by the food processor, there is the drain the butter step which removes the excess moisture and the cold water bath, but all in all the steps look easy and Chi Dixon (the author) includes clear images. She gives ideas for flavored butters too, I'll let you know how it turns out!

Here is the information if you want to make some too!

Easy Homemade Butter

Source: The Blender: A Williams Sonoma Blog

Here is the link to the Blog and the Recipe.

I have made the Homemade Mozzarella using the recipe from Stone Gable, it was fantastic! If this turns out as good I'll have one more "skill" to add to the resume.  Happy Thursday Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by,


Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm So Excited I Can't Stand It!!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011 was a very sad day for me, let me expain. 

I had found Miss Yvonne at the amazingly beautiful Stone Gable earlier in the year and was immediately smitten!  Her home is amazing, her photography makes me want to take classes, her menus challenge me to prepare better meals for my family, I had found in her blog my Titus 2 Mentor and I thanked God for someone openly living her life for Him.

Earlier in 2011 I began (timidly) blogging, then I abruptly stopped in August when crushing news about the big "C" came into our lives through my 23 year old daughter.  I just couldn't focus on home and decorating when faced with guiding my child through very BIG decisions, decision that would affect the rest of her life.  BUT ~ when I needed beauty and calm in the middle of the chaos I would hop on the laptop and browse around Stone Gable.  Miss Yvonne never failed to inspire me. 

Then came December 4th and I read with a sinking heart her last blog posting about needing to follow the Father's leading and stop blogging, that the time spent preparing for and posting was coming between her and Him.  I cried (got a little selfish for a few minutes and pouted) then prayed God's best for her and thanked Him for the "time" we'd had together, I put her blog on my favorites list so I could refer back when I needed inspiration or a good menu idea. 

BUT YESTERDAY I was on Facebook and lo and behold right there on my page was an announcement from Miss Yvonne that she will be rejoining us on March 5th!  I scared the sleeping cat when I whooo hoooed!  I am so thankful that she is coming back and thankful to all of you who blog and lift the name of the Lord on high!! You inspire so many without even knowing that you do, keep the faith and God Bless.



Just a quick note:  My Daughter is fine! When she went into surgery the surgeon was completely stumped - there were no cancer cells in the tissue.  NONE!! He rechecked the Lab results, called the Lab to verify their report with what they sent to him and then called me completely baffled.  He must have apologized 100 times for scaring us, putting us through "all this" and attempted to explain.  He kept saying over and over "it's right here in the lab results.  She has cancer, but there is none in the tissue, I can't explain it".  I replied "I can, God healed her". 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Chez Nathanael's Faux Entry

The lovely Rene who blogs at Cottage and Vine started a new monthly party called "Room by Room".  I wanted to join too, so I thought I would share my faux entry.  Our 1980's Rancher doesn't have an actual entry way.  Side note: I would kill for one with a hall tree and umbrella stand or a center hall with a big round table in the middle (swoon!)  Anyhow, I created an entry area for my family.  Glass front credenza, with special treasures housed inside.  Mostly my "special gift" bunnies and other special treasures given to me or my family.  A lamp, a faux pathos, another bunny, a brass bowl for mail and a key box. I still want to find one of those cool umbrella stands for the left side of the credenza ~ next to the tiled "entry" area.  We tiled that little area to give wet shoes a place to land before hitting the carpet.  Mr Chez Nathanael does not like to ask guests to remove their shoes, so we compromised with a little tile area.

Some beautiful art for the wall by my favorite artist Betsy Brown; sorry about the flash glare in the first one.  I added a different angle without the glare : )
The "Entry" Credenza

Brass Bowl for Mail

I found this brass bowl at GW (I know, brass is so 80's but I love it ~ somehow to me it says "classy") the inside was all icky, probably used for a plant without a pot liner tray.  So I sanded it and sprayed it with black Rustoleum.  LOVE how it turned out, now when the mail comes I have some place to deposit it (after the junk mail goes in the recycle bin).

Box for keys

Keeps them all in one place!

Faux (dusty) pathos and Bunny
Funny the things you don't see until the flash hits them.
Thanks for stopping by, as always I love the company and would be soooo honored if you would consider following my blog.  I'm off to clean the pathos oh and and I'm linking to the Room by Room "Entry Way" Party at and Bunny (love the name!) at for her newbie party! 


Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Same ~ But Different!

I have a need to have balance in my life and in my decorating.  So when I found this great picture by James Lee I knew right where to put it.  On the wall in my exceedlingly tiny dining room.  I already owned the decorative shelves, so up they went too on either side of the picture.  Ahhh . . . Balance.

I already had the shiny(er) brass rabbit, which I feel complements the gold in the frame.  So for about a year the other shelf sat empty.  I couldn't find another brass rabbit. 
If I wasn't looking for one they would be at every thrift store or flea market I attend . . .
Then about a week ago I was browing e-bay, when "ta - dah" I came across brass rabbits.  I won the standing one and he arrived in the mail yesterday.
I like how they are the same (rabbits) but different.
One is standing upright, the other is crouching.
One is shiny brass, the other aged brass.
The same colors are in the frame
I'm still searching for something "scrolly" to put above the picture.
Everything is a process . . .and I love it!

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