Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday ~ Baking Day

So, when I woke up this morning I was thinking I wanted to clean, clean, clean; but after several cups of coffee while grazing through my favorite cooking websites I decided to make cupcakes instead!  First, I found this

Ran to gather all the stuph (love the dog food bag in the corner of the pic!)
Didn't have a German Chocolate Cake Mix so I used Devil's Food (hope it works)

Baked some of that into these

Made the rest into Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting ~ yum!

And waited and waited and chased the men in my life away from the warm cupcakes!!  They haven't been frosted yet!  Decided I better go take the donations to Goodwill or I would eat warm cupcakes too. Stopped to shop for a few minutes ~ found 3 things I could not live without (more on them later).

Made it home to frost the cupcakes. I don't expect them to last very long, my Daughters are on their way over right now! But for the moment I am pleased with my accomplishments.  Off to make dinner, beer can chicken and fresh picked corn!!

Maybe I'll clean tomorrow . . . maybe not
PS how do you change the date on your camera?  Mine says it's the 6th amazing!!

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  1. yummmm <3 LeRae, they look delish! hey you are a natural at this blog thing -- keep it up -- like the pics, nice touch!!
    there is a setting for your camera date :0) bet your son can find it.