Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I've Got Spring Fever -- BAD!!

 For years I have hated lawns (unAmerican, I know) but I just didn't see the point and I adore the look of English Cottage Gardens.  So after checking the CC&R's for our neighborhood, asking neighbors-both sides and across the street.  We proceeded to rip out the lawn (read: rent large "Toys" for my DH and DS to drive around what was the front yard).  All this happened preBlog so I do not have pictures.  After ripping out the lawn we, DH and I, entered the "negotiate" about relandscaping the yard phase.  I wanted a water feature, shrubs, bulbs, annuals, perennials, dwarf citrus, olive tree . . .are you getting a picture??  DH not so much; so the yard sat as we discussed various new landscape options.  Until . . . .Code Enforcement showed up!!  Apparently next door neighbor decided dirt was not to his liking and called them!  The Officer was very nice -- told me he couldn't say who called (the whole time shrugging his head toward next door neighbor).  He said the front yard had to be "green and growing"  and suggested weeds are green and growing!!  I explained all this to DH and he gave me the green light on my plans

For months I would purchase plants in gallon tubs, bring them home, stage them in the front yard then stand and stare at them, then move them and repeat.  Day after day I was out there drag, stand, stare. Drag, stand, stare.  Until I found an arrangement that was most pleasing, I thought.  I did get the water feature -- at Home Depot on sale!  I was gifted iris bulbs from a friend in Santa Cruz, purchased baby Olive Trees, Daffodil, Tulip bulbs and Daylilies.(The Daffodil in my header is one of the varities in my yard).  My DH and DD installed the slate path.  My DD has a gift for choosing just the right stones to fit together.  We put a little "fence" and a garden gate, with arbor which stays open to be more welcoming! 
Dwarf Alberta Spruce and Iris
Butterfly Bush - waaaay to big -- it's going to move and be replaced with a dwarf varitety
Water Feature -- timer has not been changed to reflect Daylight Savings Time and I'm NOT gonna mess with it.  I'll ask DS to fix it for me : )

Dwarf Citrus, Bird Feeder, African Iris, Foxtail Ferns, Mugho Pines, Azalea
and my shadow!

I love it, but the winter rains have taken their harsh toll on my Front Yard Garden.  I am longing to get out there and work but we have heavy clay soil that  takes forever to dry . . .so for now I'm planning the new additions and praying for no more rain!!  The News says 2 more storms are heading toward Northern California -- say it isn't so!  It's also time again to repaint the house, dark colors fade so quickly.

I want to play in the yard and plant more of these . . .

But for now I'm waiting impatiently and planning more color, plus resting in anticipation of the mulching process

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  1. Thanks for following me are you the rmendl with no profile picture? I just didn't see your name.

    I love your water feature. I personally have given up on trying to have a green weed-free yard. I live way out in the country and the cows could care less if I have green grass or green weeds. lol

    I need your DD to come to my house and put me a stone pathway in. They did an awsome job!!!

    Peace, Love & Decorate