Monday, May 30, 2011

Home! The Best Place on Earth

I am so fortunate that my favorite (only) son loves to be home!  At 17 he still says "I love you Mom" everyday. He spent the day at the lake with friends and was wiped out, but wanted to stay up and watch a movie with me.  So I watched the movie and watched him, the dogs and cats sleep. 

He is also quite the engineer, tomorrow I'll show the idea he and a friend created to repair my low voltage path lights.

Children and pets -- make my heart happy!



  1. I have a 15 yo who is just like that...we are SO blessed!

  2. Hi lovely lady.
    This photo is a Kodak Moment sweet lady.
    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new tablescapes. I hope you and your family have a Great Day ~~~~